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Japanese Curry

In Japan, curry is the comfort food of choice. While living there, I fell in love with Japanese curry, and I make it at least once a month for my family and once a year at our reunion. Every year, our crowd gets bigger. Cooking...

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Easy Pizza Dough

Ingredients:3 cups very warm water (Not hot. About 105 degrees F/40degrees C.)2 envelopes of yeast (4 1/2 teaspoons)2 tablespoons sugar4 tablespoons olive oil3 teaspoons salt8 cups of bread flour or all-purpose flour...

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Pesto Chicken Pizza

Although I haven’t been able to convince my children of the joys of hummus, I have won them over quite whole-heartedly to pesto. They make pesto paninis like they’re going out of style, and they adore grilled pesto chicken. So...

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Chicken Tamale Bake

My sister Saydi (who is an awesome cook) gave me this recipe when I was in dire straits for some ideas for dinner years ago.  (It is from Cooking Light so you can google it there too.)We have made it soooooo many times...

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Spinach Manicotti

I got this recipe from one of my best friends in Virginia back when we each had a couple of babies to juggle and big dreams of writing a book on Motherhood organization. Yeah, we had it all down.  We had a big outline and...

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