When the girls and I were visiting my brother and his family in NYC last summer he introduced us to a place we all dream about on a regular basis:

Levain Bakery.

Oh man, that place is out of this world, always with a line of people waiting to partake of it’s deliciousness.  Warm cookies right out of the oven that are so good.

So you can imagine how excited I was when my friend had made a copycat recipe a couple months ago for book club.

That picture above is directly from this blog, which you MUST check out.  So much good stuff on that blog!

And what’s even better than the fact that the recipe happened to be from my brother-in-law’s sister’s amazing cooking skills (which is actually no surprise because she is a prize-winning baker.  Literally.

Here are more pictures that will make you drool, with step by step instructions.  I loved reading the story of how she came up with the recipe.  She is one in a million that Melissa.

They are pure deliciousness I tell you!

But I think these chocolate peanut butter ones may have won in my girls’ (my own as well as my young women at church’s) eyes:

Another picture I stole from Melissa’s blog because you must see the deliciousness…and then check out the details

Also, I was googling Levain Cookies to put a link in this blog post and found another copycat recipe as well which of course I had to try.

Just have to load people up with some treat ideas in December you know?  Because it’s not like we have very much sugar around, right?

Ha!  Enjoy!