My sister made this chicken at our little MFME a while back and it was so good I figured I’d put it to use back here on the home front. This recipe is seriously the easiest thing on the planet, but makes gourmet-tasting tender chicken that my whole family scarfs down. All you need is basil pesto (mmmm…my favorite) and seasoned rice vinegar and chicken breasts (and a grill, of course).

2013-04-17 misc 73764


1 c. pesto
1/4 c. seasoned rice vinegar

Pour into a ziploc with chicken breasts.  Let marinate as long as you can in the fridge (if I don’t have a whole lot of time, I marinate just on the kitchen counter for a little bit…gets that marinade in there better). I always like to pound my chicken before I grill it.  See that silver beauty down there in the picture below?  I flatten the chicken out as much as possible (while it’s still in the bag with the marinade) with the flat edge of that handy thing.

2013-04-17 misc 73770

Then I grill it. 

2013-04-23 misc 74054

Did I mention this is an easy recipe? Enjoy.