This has become a “must” at our Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

3 cups fresh cranberries (about 1 12-oz bag)
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup water
1/8 tsp dry mustard
1/8 tsp allspice
1/8 tsp ground cloves
1/8 tsp ground ginger
1/8 tsp ground cardamon (can be hard to find – works fine w/o this – but really good with!)
1 8-inch wheel of Brie
baguette slices, toasted pita slices, crackers and/or apple wedges for dipping

Put everything except the Brie and bread and apples into small pot. Stir together over medium heat until the cranberries and popped and liquid thickens a bit. Set aside (or refrigerate until you’re about ready to serve the appetizer).

When almost time to serve the appetizer, skim off the top white rind on the Brie (leaving about a 1/4 inch border around the edges on the top – this way the remaining rind can keep the Brie from oozing all over the place when you bake it but the cranberry topping can bake into the Brie somewhat). Put Brie on foil-covered baking sheet and put cranberry topping on the Brie.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 12-15 minutes until cheese is soft and warm. Serve with baguette slices or toasted pita slices, and apple wedges.

Makes enough for 15 hungry people or for 20-30 if you’re serving this along with other appetizers.

(This is an adjusted version of a recipe I found years ago in “Always in Season: A Collection of Recipes from the Junior League of Salt Lake City)