When the school year started I got serious about cooking.

And even more serious when I created my new “pride and joy.”

I started taking pictures of all the food I make, our tried and true recipes, so I could put them on this blog and have them at my fingertips whenever I need them and don’t have my recipe book close-by.

So my plan is to share one new recipe each Thursday.

2012-08-24 misc 59808

The first recipe I want to share is fish tacos…as in the incredibly delicious ones my sister-in-law Kristi made at our reunion this summer.    

Notes:  1) the “pieces of fish” she uses are Tilapia, but I think you could marinate halibut or sea bass as well, and 2) the “red wine” is actually “red wine vinegar.”

2012-08-24 misc 59809

Serve with lime wedges and avocado…

The second time we made fish tacos we made them with this little shortcut I found at Costco instead of fussing with the marinade:

2012-09-11 misc 60264

So good.